designers tell why tape to Afera imageAt Afera we are always looking at the magic of design: creating something out of nothing. Wonderful products and solutions that seem to emerge from thin air. Sometimes these designs are so good that we cannot even imagine what our world was like before we could buy and use this product. Design changes lives!

Afera is the knowledge hub of the European adhesive tape industry. Adhesive tape is often the hidden driver that enables innovation in product design. Using tape, you can make products thinner, lighter, more engaging or you can add functional features.

We are honoured that we can contribute our part to new design that makes a better world, even if it’s often hidden inside and invisible. We know from our frequent development journeys with designers and engineers that working together from the early drawing stage to the final production process, we can join forces to add value to your customers and your business. But that is only the result of all the work that has been done before. And it always - really always - begins with great design talent and ideas that stick. That’s why we have created this online environment containing a series of interviews with designers.

Suggestions for designer interviews are welcome. Please send them to [email protected]

Afera's most recent interviews:

Jackson for Afera Design that sticks: Jackson Gordon, USA

Industrial design with a super hero twist

Nijboer for Afera Design that sticks: Bart Nijboer, Netherlands

Whatever I create should be versatile

Nitz for Afera Design that sticks: Jacob Nitz, Netherlands

A successful design needs to maintain this balance of simplicity and complexity

Katzler for Afera Design that sticks: Christoph Katzler, Austria

Tape is ideal for making webs, like a spider does

Design that sticks: Paul Tearse, UK

Design is part of a total package

Designer Interview Rainer Atzlinger for Afera Design that sticks: Rainer Atzliner, Austria

‘I was inspired by a design exhibition in Lucerne’

 interview with Gaurang Nagre india as designer for Afera Design that sticks: Gaurang Nagre,
Mumbai, India
As a car designer, tape comes along with breakfast every day
Interview designer Wim Segers 3D Printing and adhesive tapes  Design that sticks: Wim Segers,
Maaseik, Belgium

3D printing will end  existing modernism


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