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Your tape can be customised into bespoke designs to fit precisely and easily into your product

We’ve shared the many benefits of using adhesive tapes for your joining needs, but how do you manufacture your products using a roll of tape? Answer: Your tape can be customised into unique designs to fit precisely and easily into your product and processes.

Why customise my tape?

Flexible and sticky adhesive tape products can be difficult to work with. Converting your material into a bespoke component makes it easier to handle and apply.

Additional benefits: 

  • Flexibility in your product design
  • Countless shapes and sizes can be created
  • Unique structures can be created by combining complementary materials for added functionality
  • Consistency in quality of components
  • Consistency in placement of parts
  • Cost savings from reduced waste
  • Cost savings from reduced assembly times.

How can I have my tape customised?

Adhesive materials are customised by tape converters who offer a range of design, cutting and finishing capabilities. With your tape, they can: 

  • Slit your material to a variety of widths and lengths
  • Die-cut your material into any shape
  • Combine (laminate) your material with complimentary materials for added functionality, e.g. bond and seal with a foam and adhesive
  • Present your final die-cut shapes in a convenient format for ease of application.

Learn more about tape-converting capabilities or find a converter in Afera’s member directory.

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