1 June 2023

Afera and IVK to hold workshop on new PCF calculation tool

The first of 4 free workshops, the 6 June webinar will familiarise Members with Afera’s harmonisation project and the online platform Sphera is developing exclusively for the 2 associations

AFSP, PCF, adhesives and tapes

The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) sums up the total greenhouse gas emissions generated by a product over the various stages of its life cycle. As enablers of material efficiency, durability, repairability, upgradability, recycling and CO₂ reduction, the products of the adhesives and adhesive tapes industry make an important contribution to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal and at the same time must show themselves to be CO₂-neutral by 2050 at the latest. Against this background, PCF is also becoming increasingly important in our industry.

Meeting one of the targets set out in the Afera Flagship Sustainability Project (AFSP), Afera is working with IVK (the German Adhesives Association) to ensure that Member Companies are soon able to determine PCF values for adhesives and tapes in a straightforward, harmonised, affordable manner. This will allow businesses to meet future legal requirements as well as the demands of the supply chain.

The PCF calculation tool and external consultant Sphera

The 2 associations are working with software developer Sphera on an online platform, access to which will be made available to all Members for a data licence fee. In the first stage of implementation, a series of 4 free workshops has been scheduled.

During the first workshop, which will take place as an MS Teams webinar on 6 June from 10h to 12h CEST, the objectives, concept, calculation bases, industry standards and online tool will be presented to all Members of both associations. Scheduled speakers include IVK Managing Director Vera Haye, Afera Regulatory Affairs & Sustainability Manager Pablo Englebienne and Sphera PCF expert and Senior Consulting Manager Margarida Gama. Ample time for Q&A has been allowed, and registrants should feel free to send us their questions in advance. Although the workshop will be held in English, questions may be posed in German. The live online event will be recorded and made available to all Members afterwards.

The next 3 workshops

After the initial event online, the 3 following workshops will be held face-to-face, scoping and detailing the specific implementation of the PCF calculation tool according to our needs. They will take place after the summer holidays and are specifically aimed at representatives of Member Companies who have prior knowledge of the subject. Invitations will follow shortly.

Enquire or register

Afera and IVK Members on our distribution lists have received via email a link through which to sign up for the first workshop, which is free and open to all Members. For more details, or to register for the Afera-IVK PCF Calculation Tool workshop, enquire here.