COVID-19 lockdown exit


Adhesive tapes provide the invisible bonds that keep essential industries up and running
Afera’s statement on the COVID-19 crisis on behalf of the European adhesive tape industry

Regulatory compliance takes a great network and the right company setup—which could give you a competitive advantage
Afera’s latest pre-Conference biweekly webinar covered current and future challenges in regulatory affairs for the adhesive tape industry with panellists from Nitto, tesa, Lohmann and Afera

Business recovery and sustainability outside-in
European tape businesses cue in on sustainability in waste processing infrastructure and ‘enabling’ function of tape technologies

Why sustainability is important to the adhesive tape industry
Afera’s 7th webinar explored the European legislative business case for embracing “sustainability” in its various forms

Innovation lessons learned: Culture defines structure
Afera’s 6th webinar offered unique perspectives on emerging market opportunities and collaboration within innovation

Shorter supply chains in Europe will make the adhesive tape business future-proof
Afera’s 5th webinar in COVID-19 lockdown exit series explored strategic reconsiderations of supply chain goals

Business flexibility in accelerated “new normal” is driving the European tape industry
Afera’s 4th webinar covered opportunities coming out of adopting new communication cultures and systems at record speed

Afera network contact takes place of tape market data in current “new normal” 
Afera’s 3rd webinar in COVID-19 series covered business flexibility, updated supply chains, collaboration and more

Afera COVID-19 survey results 
Find out what Members think about regulatory issues, continuing production and the post-COVID-restriction period

Communication tops list of most important business challenges during COVID-19 disruption
Afera’s 16 April webinar covered real-time developments in European countries and the know-how of 5 tape industry panelists

Update: Afera continues to support European adhesive tape industry through COVID-19 crisis
Learn about important information and experiences shared during Afera’s 2 April webinar

Afera lockdown exit webinar series
Navigating the COVID-19 crisis within the adhesive tape value chain 

Afera shares COVID-19 best practices and experiences 
What are you doing in your business to cope with the current crisis?

Critical tape applications in times of COVID-19 
Why is adhesive tape recognised as an essential element in managing the current pandemic?

The European Chemicals Agency COVID-19 page
ECHA is supporting EU/EEA countries and companies in speeding up the supply of disinfectants and meeting certain deadlines

BusinessEurope and The Federation of German Industries (BDI)
IVK supports their call on the E.U. European institutions to focus on the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis 

Collection and recycling of used paper more important than ever in times of health crisis
Industry associations support the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC) in securing packaging for essential products