Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association, unites the decision-makers and creative minds of the European tape value chain in a total commitment to making the adhesive tape industry future-proof. As a non-profit organisation, Afera provides a medium for tape trade expertise in order to enhance the product, the business and the future of the adhesive tape market in Europe.

Currently Afera consists of over 100 members from 20 European countries. Based in The Hague since 1999, the Association is open for membership to those involved in the European adhesive tape industry such as tape manufacturers, suppliers (raw materials, machine and packaging), converters, distributors, European national tape organisations, institutions and universities.

Quick facts about us

Afera is widely known and valued as the go-to community of the European tape industry for both industry and non-industry stakeholders. Stakeholders connect within the Afera community to address current and future key topics, which individual stakeholders cannot tackle themselves. Afera unites stakeholders along the value chain of the European tape industry to ensure and increase the relevance of the tape industry in the world of tomorrow. We are making the tape business future-proof.

Afera 2020-2025 (brochure) 
Afera, the heart of the European tape network (presentation)

Why should you join Afera?


  • Leaders and innovators in a neutral environment
  • Annual Conference, committees, and working groups
  • Work with associations in adjacent technologies
  • Challenge yourself in an industry collective dedicated to raising the bar for ambition, quality, and excellence


  • Globally recognised industry test methods and guidelines
  • Discounted entry to Afera’s Technical Seminar and Tape College
  • Monitor innovation, market sectors, workforce demographics, end user behavior, globalisation, sustainability, and other trends
  • Access articles, studies, surveys, and publications


  • Representation and advice in regulatory and standardisation issues
  • Share company news and industry expertise on Afera media channels
  • Content marketing initiative to grow tape market through designers, architects, and engineers
  • Afera's developing sustainability programme
  • Connect with all tape industry business media outlets
  • Unique and economical sponsorship opportunities


Established in 1958 in Paris, Afera began as a technical association with the purpose of creating industry-wide test methods. With 35 tape manufacturers from 6 European countries as its original members, we made one of our first objectives to harmonise the standards and norms of each European country’s tape industry.

Afera's 50th anniversary publication: An excursion through the world of adhesive tapes

An industry looking to the world of tomorrow

Companies along the European tape value chain face varied economic conditions and the new realities of a digitised global economy. Perspectives on the industry through 2025 remain positive however. There is a strong demand for new, more specialised tape applications and technologies to meet the challenges of the transitioning industry. Companies are spending a significant amount of time and training on their sales forces to search out new opportunities, and on their R&D capabilities to create and utilise lightweight materials and to down-gauge product specifications. 

Helping You Meet the Challenge

The European tape industry, renowned for its standards of innovation, quality and service, remains an attractive business sector. Careful consideration of the types of activity and investment which will be most appropriate going forward, given rapidly changing global dynamics, is required. Afera meets this challenge by strategically selecting, organising and/or supporting special projects, initiatives, events and other resources for our members to plan and grow their businesses successfully.