Afera is widely known and valued as the go-to community of the European tape industry for both industry and non-industry stakeholders. Stakeholders connect within the Afera community to address current and future key topics, which individual stakeholders cannot or prefer not to tackle themselves.

Our mission

Afera unites stakeholders along the value chain of the European tape industry, to ensure and increase the relevance of the tape industry in the world of tomorrow.

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Our core values

Members first

The success of our mission depends upon our members. Afera’s primary commitment is to meet our members’ needs, including reliability, consistency and quality in events, initiatives, publications, information and tools; and to provide equal industry representation to all of our stakeholders.

Investment in the industry

Afera believes that an interactive, organised adhesive tape industry will expand and flourish if offered a pan-European platform on which to collaborate. We believe that an industry which is mobilised, unified and well-voiced will benefit from pan-European and international co-operation and representation in public affairs issues and initiatives.

Efficiency and accountability

We exist to serve our greatest asset, our members, in the best manner possible by promoting efficiency, providing full financial accountability and, where possible, sharing resources and accessing expertise among our membership and associates.

Afera's new goals and strategy